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Praised by Stereogum as a “delightfully distorted mess of energy,” Horse Jumper of Love works both fast and slow at once. Their music is instantly absorbing and urgently hypnotic, even as it develops at a glacial pace, progressing forward with almost imperceptible momentum to carve deep canyons and valleys through walls of solid rock. Like abstract collages, the Boston-based three-piece’s songs jumble richly detailed scenes and vivid imagery, papering over one moment with the next until each string of seemingly unrelated thoughts coalesces into a breathtaking work of art, one that reveals deep truths about ourselves and our psyches.

“There’s not [just] one message,” guitarist/singer Dimitri Giannopoulos told WRBB in a recent interview, suggesting that in the end, no matter what you think the band’s songs are about, you’re right.

After finding kindred spirits in bassist John Margaris and drummer Jamie Vadala-Doran, Giannopoulos officially launched Horse Jumper of Love in 2013, taking the group’s moniker from a Latin phrase that had gotten more than a little lost in translation. The band would spend the next three years refining their studio craft and live show, garnering a devoted following playing DIY gigs around New England as they climbed their way into what Pitchfork described as “the top tier of the Boston house show scene.” In 2016, they released their self-titled debut to rave reviews, with NPR praising the band’s “slow, syrupy rock songs” as “cautiously measured and patiently curious” and Audiotree hailing the “soft spoken, contemplative trio” for their “unique sonic palette and precise compositions.” In 2017, the group released a vinyl and digital re-issue of the album along with a limited edition demo anthology.

Horse Jumper of Love will release their highly anticipated sophomore album via Run For Cover later this year.

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