Spencer Radcliffe Chicago, IL

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Although Radcliffe's previous album was a solo effort, on the newest record he's joined by multiple collaborators who make up Everyone Else. Radcliffe said of the addition of Everyone Else to the band name, "Performing with the group had repeatedly shown a real energy added to the songs, something I fully attribute to the band's diverse playing styles. Bringing that spirit of collaborating and the exchange of ideas into the studio felt like the only natural step for us after playing the songs from the last album together for so long... The other option was to have the band play on these songs and not bill them in the artist name, but that seemed like a crime in itself. This is something we want to celebrate, not hide inside liner notes. I'm endlessly grateful to have these people on the record with me and honored to put forth the album as a group."

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  • Spencer Radcliffe & Everyone Else - Enjoy the Great Outdoors
    Spencer Radcliffe & Everyone Else
    Enjoy The Great Outdoors
  • Spencer Radcliffe - Looking In
    Spencer Radcliffe
    Looking In

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