Posted on June 29th, 2018
Self Defense Family's "Have You Considered Punk Music" is out today!

'Have You Considered Punk Music', the latest full length from New York collective Self Defense Family, is out in stores and online everywhere today! Noisey premiered the album on Monday, and with it a track by track breakdown of the record done by vocalist Patrick Kindlon.

Stream on Spotify | Apple Music | Bandcamp

From now until next Friday you can grab a digital copy of the record via Bandcamp for only $5. Vinyl and CDs can be found in our store, or your favorite independent record store. Find a (nondefinitive) list of stores carrying the release below.

STORE LIST1-2-3-4 Go! Records
2nd Avenue Records
Aoko Too
Banana Belt Llc
Bull Moose Music
Cheap Thrills
Creep Records The Store
Culture Clash
Daddy Kool Records
Darkside Records & Gallery Llc
Dearborn Music
Dimple Records, Inc.
Droplet Spectrum Retail Llc
E-Music Inc
Egger Vinyl Llc
Electric Fetus, The
Eroding Winds
Euclid Records Llc
Exclusive Company Inc
Grateful Records Inc
Guestroom Records Llc
Haight Street Amoeba Inc
Half-A-Man Inc
Harvest Records Inc
Hollywood Amoeba
Independent Records
Iris Records
Kingfish Holdings Llc
Love Garden Sounds
Low Yo Yo Stuff
Luna Music
Lunchbox Records Llc
Mills Record Company Llc
Mojo Music Md Llc
Newbury Comics Inc.
Obsession Records
Plan 9 Inc
Port of Sound Records
Princeton Record Exchange
Pure Pop For Now People Inc
Rainy Day Record Co.
Reckless Records (Broadway)
Reckless Records (Loop)
Reckless Records Of London
Revelation Records
Rock Paper Scissors Llc
Rough Trade Shop
Salzer'S Mercantile
Shake It Records
Shuga Records
Silver Platters Llc
Siren Trading Company
Songbyrd Llc
Sonic Boom Records
Sorry State Records Llc
Square Records-Credit Card Act
Vintage Vinyl Records Inc
Vinyl Solution Records
Von'S Shops
Waiting Room Records Llc
Waterloo Records
Zia Records
Zion'S Gate Records Inc

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