Posted on July 10th, 2018
RFC signs Advance Base, "Animal Companionship" out 9/21

We are extremely excited that Chicago’s own Advance Base has signed to RFC. Advance Base is the project of Owen Ashworth (formerly Casiotone For The Painfully Alone), and on September 21st, in partnership with Ashworth's own Orindal records, we’ll be releasing their new album ‘Animal Companionship’. Stereogum is premiering the first track titled “True Love Death Dream” as well as an interview with Owen.


Owen Ashworth’s albums have always been about the human condition, and his latest is no exception. The meditative nature of Ashworth’s songwriting process can be heard in Animal Companionship’s spacious arrangements. Blissful drones and lush synthesizer textures envelop soft electric piano arpeggiations and spare drum programming, creating an almost hypnotic backdrop for Ashworth’s lyrical narratives. And the lyrics themselves have found a new focus: dogs.

“When you explain the relationship you have with a pet, it can sound crazy. We all tend to anthropomorphize the animals we love, talking about them as if they're children, siblings, even spouses,” said Ashworth. “I wrote these songs to help myself understand what pets mean to their owners, how those animal relationships affect our human relationships, and vice versa.” Taken as a whole, Animal Companionship is not just a step forward for Advance Base—it’s the culmination of everything Ashworth has been building for the past two decades. It’s a record that’s gentle in approach and endearing in practice, the kind of thing that only Ashworth could create.

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