Posted on June 23rd, 2015
Citizen - Everybody is Going to Heaven out now!

Citizen's awesome new LP "Everybody Is Going to Heaven" is out and in stores today, and we have a lot of ways of making it available to you. If you pre-ordered a copy and haven't got it yet, you will have it soon!

Digital / streaming:
Urban Outfitters:
Best Buy:
Google Play:

Find a local record store carrying it here:

Or find a copy at these stores:
Alcione Music
Amoeba Music
Anderson Merchandisers
Banana Belt
Best Buy
Boo Boo Records
Buffalo One Stop
Bull Moose Music
Cd City
Cd Collector
Cheap Thrills
Ctd, Ltd.
Culture Clash
Darkside Records & Gallery
Dearborn Music
Dimple Records
Disc & Dat
Discount Oldies
Down In The Valley
Eagle Valley Music & Comics
Easy Street Records
Electric Fetus, The
End Of An Ear
Error Records
Euclid Records
Exclusive Company
Extreme Noise
Forever Young Records
Fork Radio 
Grateful Records
Grimey’s Preloved Music
Guestroom Records
Haight Street Amoeba
Hollywood Amoeba
Homer’s Acquisition Corp.
Hot Topic
Independent Records
Jj Ltd/Eagle Valley Music Co
Kennedy Entertainment
Lou’s Records
Love Garden Sounds
Luna Music
Lunchbox Records
Mad Platter
Magnolia Thunderpussy
Millennium Enterprises
Mills Record Company
Moondog Music
Music Millennium
Newbury Comics
Oz Enterprises
Painted Smiles
Princeton Record Exchange
Pure Pop For Now People
Rainy Day Record
Randy'S Record Shop
Rasputin Music Berkeley
Rasputin Records
Reckless Records (Broadway)
Reckless Records (Loop)
Reckless Records Of London
Record Archive Inc.
Revelation Records
Rolling Stone
Rzk Inc Dba Hungry Ear
Salzer'S Mercantile
Sam Goody
Second Spin
Shake It Records
Silver Platters
Sound Garden
Soundburst Audio
Square Records
Streetlight Records
The Groove Record Shop
The Long Ear
The Sound Garden
Three Misfits
Transcontinent Record Sale
Twist & Shout
Urban Outfitters
Vintage Vinyl Records 
Von’s Shops
Waiting Room Records
Waterloo Records
West Canterbury
Zia Records

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