Posted on June 25th, 2018
Stream Self Defense Family's new LP "Have You Considered Punk Music" on Noisey now!

Self Defense Family's career defining new album, "Have You Considered Punk Music" is streaming now in full over at Noisey, where you'll also find an interview with vocalist Pat Kindlon discussing the themes and topics behind the album.

"It’s hard to talk about without sounding old. But it’s a lot of the band as a whole reflecting on our interests from when we were kids to now, and how much overlap there is and what that says about us. It’s possible that we haven’t grown an incredible amount. You know, I still really enjoy barking in front of a room of 200 people, and that’s not everybody in their 30s. It’s a lot of reflecting on how much time and energy you give to a thing that is really of no consequence to 99% of people." - Pat Kindlon

"Have You Considered Punk Music" is out this Friday, July 29th. You can still pre-order a copy along with some new merchandise, and a slew of the bands back catalogue here.

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