Posted on January 16th, 2018
Stream: American Pleasure Club - 'This Is Heaven and I'd Die For It', "A Whole Fucking Lifetime of This" pre-orders available now

"This Is Heaven and I'd Die For It" is the third single from American Pleasure Club's forthcoming LP "A Whole Fucking Lifetime of This". The new song, along with an interview with Sam Ray can be found on Noisey, or streamed below. The first two singles can be heard here: New Years Eve and Let's Move to the Desert. Pre-orders for "A Whole Fucking Lifetime of This" are available in our webstore now. available in our webstore now.

Posted on January 10th, 2018
RFC to release The Casket Lottery's first three LPs, deluxe RSD box set, and US tour dates announced!

Twenty years into its existence, The Casket Lottery is still evolving at its own pace. Over the course of four full length records, four EPs and countless other 7" singles, the Kansas City band has flirted with fidgety math rock, atmospheric explorations and anthemic singalongs, all while showcasing a masterful ability to balance world-weary heavy hearts with bombastic choruses that explode into stadium-sized fireworks displays. While the band has taken a few hiatuses over the past decade (with members contributing to other projects like Coalesce, Appleseed Cast, Able Baker Fox, Jackie Carol and singer Nathan Ellis' solo work), every return to action finds The Casket Lottery recharged and refocused, eagerly annexing new musical territories while still retaining that ragged, restless fire that sparked the band two decades prior.

This spring the band will be playing shows to help celebrate the rerelease of their first three LPs Choose Bronze (1999), Moving Mountains (2000), and Survival Is For Cowards (2002) on Boston label Run For Cover Records. The now-classic, long out-of-print albums are being repressed in limited quantities and will be available individually and in a box set available on Record Store Day 2018. Limited pre-sale is now available from Run For Cover. Tickets for the upcoming shows will be on-sale this Friday, January 12th at 10am local time (all tour dates below).

"We are excited to finally have these records back on vinyl and even more excited to get out and play some cities that we haven't been to in years," says singer Nathan Ellis of the announcement. "We are all looking forward to connecting with old friends and singing some old songs.”

Posted on January 9th, 2018
American Pleasure Club (fka Teen Suicide) release "Let's Move to the Desert' video ahead of new album "A Whole Fucking Lifetime of This"

Following the soft release of a new mix tape and a handful of tracks over the holidays, American Pleasure Club (fka Teen Suicide) is sharing a new track "Let's Move to the Desert" complete with a Sam Ray-directed video today. They're also excited to announce their new record, A Whole Fucking Lifetime of This, out February 16, 2018 on Run For Cover Records.

Songwriter Sam Ray said of the new track, "'Let's Move to the Desert' was the first song written or even dreamt up for this album. I was in London, around Thanksgiving in 2016 with my wife & during one of our strange, jet-lagged long nights there I stayed up until God-knows-what hour putting together the instrumental, just playing with the samples & drums that would go on to define the track. I had ideas in mind as well, for the lyrics, but those didn't come together fully until we were back in America, staying at a strange casino & resort outside Phoenix, staying up late again to gamble, drink, and hang out in the vast, cold desert wasteland whenever possible. I love the desert, and the song has no hidden meaning or subtext, it's a pure & serene love song as much about finding the right person to marry & stand by for your lifetime as it is the beauty & absolute terror of the wide, wide open spaces of the American south & southwest. I wanted to write a song as pure & simple as the best Townes Van Zandt tracks, where narrative & character fell completely to the wayside and the haunting empty spaces you become intimately engaged with as a traveler, drifter, touring musician, etc. take the complete center focus. There is something pure and something haunted about this track, the same as there is about the desert, as there is about love, as there is about any of this, and thats what drew me to it and refused to let go of me even after i'd finished the song.

The video has nothing to do with that, of course. It does, however, have a meaning, a subtext, and a purpose completely alien to the song & it's theme(s). I won't say more. But I would like to thank my friends Dan, Dan, Martin, Dexter, Nick & Sean for their help with it, as well as my amazing wife & my wonderful mother Josephine as well. Without any of them it wouldn't be possible to have made it, or have made this record at all. Thanks."

Posted on December 13th, 2017
Turnover announce US Tour w/ Camp Cope & Summer Salt

Turnover have announced a full US headlining tour with support from Summer Salt and label mates Camp Cope. Turnover are supporting their 2017 LP "Good Nature" will Camp Cope will be celebrating the release of their sophomore LP "How to Socialise & Make Friends", out March 2nd.

Pre-sale tickets are available now at

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