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RFC is hiring!
Posted on September 24th, 2019
The Berries "Berryland" LP is out today!
Posted on September 20th, 2019
Camp Cope announce Japan tour
Posted on September 19th, 2019


Posted on November 13th, 2019
RFC signs glass beach, “the first glass beach album” streaming now, in stores 1/24/20

glass beach’s debut album the first glass beach album is the first album from glass beach. That’s a good place to start, but the album’s plain & descriptive title does little to explain what goes on in the hour-long adventure contained therein. The fifteen songs that make up the record have truly been through the ringer, and the result is ambitious, theatrical and chaotically memorable. Abandoning genre limitations makes glass beach’s talent for songwriting all the more apparent –– mathy guitar leads, catchy drum grooves, melodic basslines, and th constant interplay of horns, synths, and even the intermittent theremin set the perfect scene for j’s stunning vocal performance, which can shift from a charming falsetto to unhinged screaming to robotic autotune to the lead of a sing-a-long in an instant.

The album, self released earlier this year by the band, will see an official digital and physical release through RFC, including a beautifully packaged 2xLP. Pre-order the first glass beach album

Watch the band's music video for "classic j dies and goes to hell part 1"

Follow glass beach: Spotify, Instagram, Twitter.

Posted on November 8th, 2019
Young Guv "GUV I & II" is out today! 2xLP shipping now.

Young Guv only makes hits, baby. It’s what he was born to do. Too many hits, in fact - since last summer, Guv (a.k.a. Ben Cook) moved to Brooklyn from his native Toronto and wrote music, because that’s what Young Guv does. This manic pace produced two albums worth of power-pop bliss, psychedelic riffs, and swagger that would make a Gallagher (the British ones, not the watermelon ones) blush. The end result: GUV I and GUV II, a full-length album cut into two halves, available only from Run For Cover Records or from GUV himself.

Now, GUV I & II is available in it's entirely for the first time ever as a 2xLP set. Each of Young Guv’s releases from this year in one complete set on color vinyl. It features new art laid out & illustrated by Braulio Amado as well as two new bonus tracks exclusive to the release. All 19 tracks in one set, for your ears only.

Stream on Spotify | Apple Music | Youtube.

Posted on October 29th, 2019
Pre-Order: Fiddlehead "Get My Mind Right" 7", stream two new tracks now

Stream on Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube.

Boston rock quintet Fiddlehead are releasing a new two song 7" today, following their 2018 debut LP 'Springtime and Blind'. "Get My Mind Right" marks the band's first new music since their critically acclaimed full length, while the b-side "Stay In The Room" is an unused track from the LP recording session.

“'Get My Mind Right' is a song trying to revolt against a state of quiet desperation, largely brought on by the feeling of being left behind. Sometimes, living in isolation, like a small, quiet town that seems to slow the passing of time to a grinding halt, can further exacerbate the desperation to a point where one is left with the only option of asking for anyone to help. Resolution, however, CAN come from the understanding that we are all the masters of our own minds and that we, ourselves, decide how to navigate the depressing paradoxical path of a life that seems to go too fast and go nowhere at the same time. In short, it is a song about living in a place called, Acushnet.” - vocalist Pat Flynn

Posted on October 25th, 2019
Young Guv's "GUV II" is out now, pre-order "GUV I + II 2xLP"

Stream GUV II on Spotify | Apple Music | Youtube

The second installment of Young Guv's two part album, GUV II, is streaming everywhere, and physical copies are shipping and in stores now.

Still want more Guv? You're in luck, because we are currently taking pre-orders for GUV I + II 2xLP, both LP's with bonus tracks, in a beautiful gatefold jacket with new alternative artwork.