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Latest Release: A Whole Fucking Lifetime of This
Release Date: February 16th, 2018
Singles: "this is heaven & id die for it, all the lonely nights in your life

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American Pleasure Club is a rock band from Baltimore, Maryland led by singer, songwriter & multi-instrumentalist Sam Ray. Accompanied by lifelong friends Sean Mercer, Daniel Windsor, and Nick Hughes, they make genre-defining music that dances effortlessly between scuzzy, full band rock songs, acoustic-led folk, electronic-pop experimentalism, and many other sounds. Ray started the band in 2009 under the name "Teen Suicide", and released his first album in 2011, when it was still a solo project. Each successive release brought with it new sounds, as well as new band-members, and by the time the last album under the name was released in 2016, they were working more as a collective than a proper unit, recording songs any-way they saw fit, with whoever was available and willing to help. Now, years later, with a proper lineup, a new name, and a brand new commitment and purpose, the band returns with the most cohesive & definitive album of their career thus far. By finding ways to meld the disparate influences and styles of their past work, while also breaking new ground with their songwriting & fidelity, they've created something unique and beguiling to old and new fans alike.

Seamlessly blending sounds and influences as diverse as american folk & country traditions, drum n' bass, japanese ambient music, modern rap, classic scuzzy 80s+90s indie rock, and synth-ballads recalling badalamenti & julee cruise's iconic, haunted film scores for david lynch, "A Whole Fucking Lifetime of This" is an album that everyone on earth will love.

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