Fireworks 'Adventure, Nostalgia and Robbery'

Product Information //

Adventure Nostalgia and Robbery features a brand new song, two re-recorded gems from Fireworks' original demo (which was never properly released) and a cover of the Kid Dynamite favorite, Heart-A-Tact. "Adventure, Nostalgia, And Robbery" picks up where their critically-acclaimed 2006 EP "We Are Everywhere" left off, but also hints at a more mature sound.

1. Show Me Your Vanishing Act One More Time
2. Dave Mackinder Vs. the World
3. Decline of a Midwestern Civilization
4. Heart-A-Tact

Pressing Information:

First Press:
319 Red
215 Half Green/Half Yellow
114 Blue/Yellow Swirl

Second Press:
500 Black
300 White
200 Blue/Green