Shook Ones / Death Is Not Glamorous 'Split'

Product Information //

Unlike nearly every other band compared to Lifetime, Kid Dynamite and None More Black, Shook Ones and Death Is Not Glamorous both pull of sounding like the best melodic hardcore punk bands of yesteryear while pushing the genre even further. Death Is Not Glamorous, from Oslo, Norway, offer up two new ones on their side. DING were RFC's 8th release in 2007 and we're excited to be teaming up with them again for our 66th release. Former Revelation Records recording artists, Shook Ones, also offer up two songs of Yemin influenced punk with a distinct northwestern attitude.

1. Shook Ones - Thin
2. Shook Ones - Listen When The Commodore Speaks
3. Death Is Not Glamorous - Will
4. Death Is Not Glamorous - Dear Friends

Pressing Information:

250 Red w/ Black (7" Split Subscription color)
750 Red