Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate) / Joie De Vivre 'Split'

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Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate) and Joie De Vivre, two of the most prominent bands in modern emo, have come together to release a split 7” that exemplifies the bond forged in this tight-knit, midwestern community. Each of the two bands present a different style of this vast genre. Empire! Empire!’s songs are so delicate that they sound as if they could break at any second: vocal- ist/guitarist Keith Latinen’s heartbreaking storytelling about homecoming sung over the somber, minimal guitars could be the soundtrack to anybody’s break- down. Joie De Vivre’s b-side contributions are more upbeat, but still sting with sadness. Twinkling verses break into huge, catchy choruses laden with horns and the promise of better times ahead: “I don’t love living someplace that everybody hates, but it’s spring... and we can make it home”.

  1. 01 Since You Left Home on Your Journey, Things Have Changed Around Here
  2. 02 Some Doors Aren t Locked, They Open Without a Key
  3. 03 It Can Be Comforting
  4. 04 April, 2009
Pressing Information:

100 Maple w/ 2 Color Silkscreened "Arigato" Packaging
250 Blue/Grey (RFC Subscription)
394 Maple
500 Clear
750 Black