Seahaven 'Silhouette (Latin Skin)'

Product Information //

Seahaven’s ‘Silhouette (Latin Skin)’ foreshadows the dreamy, sprawling, airy mood created on the bands sophomore full-length ‘Reverie Lagoon: Music for Escapism Only’ (due out Spring 2014). Sauntering A-side ‘Silhouette (Latin Skin)’ combines equally contemplative and carefree sounding pop with a climactic string section and warm, beachy reverb. Engineered by Ben Brodin (Bright Eyes, Pete Yorn) at Omaha‘s ARC recording studio, the subtle combination of emo, indie and post-punk is brought to life by the uplifting natural production and orchestral instrumentation providing a perfect glimpse into the bands forthcoming full-length.

1. Silhouette (Latin Skin)
2. Sleep Alone
3. Phantom Family

Pressing Information:

1000 Black
700 Aqua Blue
300 Hot Pink