Crime In Stereo 'Is Dead'

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Crime In Stereo's "Is Dead" is a defining release for the Long Island, NY band. After surviving circumstances that would have caused most other bands to perish, Crime In Stereo spent four years and two full-length albums learning how to be a band. That experience makes their Bridge Nine debut transcend traditional hardcore or punk into a final result that, as guitarist/songwriter Alex Dunne said, is "the first Crime In Stereo record that sounds like Crime In Stereo." Vinyl version includes digital download.

1. XXXX (The First 1000 Years Of Solitude)
2. Third Atlantic
3. ...But You Are Vast
4. Animal Pharm
5. Small Skeletal
6. Unfortunate Tourists
7. Nixon
8. Vicious Teeth
9. Almost Ghostless/Above The Gathering Oceans
10. Orbiter