Hellogoodbye 'Everything Is Debatable'

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Hellogoodbye's Forrest Kline is no stranger to electronic music. This new self-released LP combines the songwriting elements of classic artists like the Beatles and the Kinks with the fun, electronic pop of artists like M83. The touring cycle for this album included tours with Paramore and Metric, so don't be surprised if you hear Hellogoodbye soon in your local Urban Outfitters.

1. ...And Everything Becomes A Blur
2. (Everything Is) Debatable
3. The Magic Hour Is Now
4. Swear You're In Love
5. Summer Of The Lily Pond
6. Just Don't Let Go Just Don't
7. I Don't Worry (As Much As I Should)
8. How Wrong Can I Be
9. An External Force
10. Die Young, Die Dumb; Not Soon
11. A Near Death Expirience