Rival Schools 'United By Fate'

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Back in print on vinyl is this debut LP from supergroup Rival Schools who was put together by Walter Schreifels after the breakup of Quicksand and World's Fastest Car. Also in the band are Sammy from YOT/Judge/CIV, Cache from Iceburn/CIV and Ian Love. Somewhat more melodic than Quicksand but still very heavy.

1. Travel By Telephone
2. Everything Has Its Point
3. High Acetate
4. Undercovers On
5. Good Things
6. Used For Glue
7. World Invitational
8. The Switch
9. Holding Sand
10. My Echo
11. Favorite Star
12. So Down On
13. Hooligans For Life
14. Sweet
15. Get Centered
16. Grunge Model
17. Accept A Compliment
18. On Vacations