Wilco 'Summerteeth'

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In 1994, singer-songwriter Jeff Tweedy formed Wilco with three of his band mates following the break-up of alt-country pioneers Uncle Tupelo. Daring in its own right, Summerteeth foreshadows the even more experimental work to come on the band's Nonesuch debute, Yankee Foxtrot Hotel.

1. Can't Stand It
2. She's a Jar
3. A Shot In the Arm
4. We're Just Friends
5. I'm Always In Love
6. Nothing'severgonnastandinmyway (Again)
7. Pieholden Suite
8. How To Fight Loneliness
9. Via Chicago
10. Elt
11. My Darling
12. When You Wake up Feeling Old
13. Summer Teeth
14. In a Future Age