Atmosphere 'God Loves Ugly'

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Deluxe edition double LP reissue from 2009. Atmosphere slimmed down to it's original two members in 2002 for the release of "God Loves Ugly." Thus it was Slug and Ant doin' what they do best, cheeky rap about lost love and their tough but nongangsta lives. The wit and humor slams home, and the album scored one of Atmosphere's biggest hits, "Modern Man's Hustle." Atmosphere really puts the Minneapolis/St. Paul underground hip hop scene on the map. The 18 tracks on this deluxe edition double vinyl LP sound better than any MP3. An excellent foray into Atmosphere for fans and newcomers that hit #1 on Billboard's Heat seekers chart.

1. Onemosphere
2. The Bass And The Movement
3. Give Me
4. F'@k You Lucy
5. Hair
6. God Loves Ugly
7. A Song About A Friend
8. Flesh
9. Saves The Day
10. Lovelife
11. Breathing
12. Vampires
13. A Girl Named Hope
14. GodLovesUgly Reprise
15. Modern Man's Hustle
16. One Of A Kind
17. Blame Game
18. Shrapnel