Young Thug 'Barter 6'

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Barter 6, a mixtape, features appearances by Birdman, T.I. and Boosie.

Young Thug is one of the most disruptive and singular artists in music today. Since his debut mixtape, I Came From Nothing, Young Thug has gone on to release multiple critically acclaimed projects, racked up 3 #1 records and sold over 1M singles.

LP 1
1. Constantly Hating (feat. Birdman)
2. With That (feat. Duke)
3. Can't Tell (feat. T.I. and Boosie BadAzz)
4. Check
5. Never Had It (feat. Young Dolph)
6. Dream (feat. Yak Gotti)
7. Dome (feat. Duke)
LP 2
1. Halftime
2. Amazing (feat. Jacquees)
3. Knocked Off (feat. Birdman)
4. OD
5. Numbers
6. Just Might Be