Young Statues 'Amarillo'

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It’s been years since Young Statues’ last release, and it’s safe to say plenty has changed. The band’s 2014 sophomore release The Flatlands Are Your Friend took the band’s sound into the somber territory tread before by bands like the National, and before that, their self titled debut & follow-up EP Age Isn’t Ours offered varied moments of genre-defining musicianship. On the new 7” & digital EP Amarillo, the band’s refreshingly upbeat blend of indie-pop and alt-country is elevated to new heights by stellar production and musicianship. The wailing of the harmonica leads the bridge in “Somebody Else” and the perfectly filling harmonies on the b-side “Dive” are just two of the many highlights offered up on the band’s latest.

7" Tracklist:
1. Somebody Else
2. Dive

Digital Tracklist:
1. Dive
2. True Liberty (Digital Only)
3. Somebody Else
4. Undone (Digital Only)
5. Reminder (Digital Only)
6. Redmouth (Digital Only)