Wicca Phase Springs Eternal 'Suffer On'

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Deluxe Package includes -

- Suffer On on LP (Half clear / half purple vinyl)
- Suffer On 8x10" hardcover book featuring over 40 pages of photos and lyrics
- Cat Eye Hoodie designed by Brianna Collins
- WPSE Sticker Pack (3 Stickers)

Suffer On Photobook features over 40 pages of photos and lyrics, encased in a 8 x 10" hard cover.

  1. Together
  2. Rest
  3. I Need Help
  4. Just One Thing
  5. Contact
  6. Crushed
  7. I Wake Up In Pain
  8. Does Your Head Stop
  9. Put Me In Graves
  10. Suffer On
Pressing Information:

300 Black & Gold Pinwheel
700 Half Purple / Half Clear
1000 Clear with Yellow/Green/Black Splatter