What Subscribers Get:

- The following seven split 7"s on a subscription exclusive vinyl color limited to 250 copies.
(Note: you can read about and listen to all already released material from all of these bands below)

1. Anti-Flag / Hostage Calm
2. Tigers Jaw / Code Orange Kids / Self Defense Family / The World Is...
3. Shook Ones / Death Is Not Glamorous
4. Self Defense Family / Meredith Hunter
5. Miserable (Kristina from Whirr) / Grey Zine
6. Pity Sex / Adventures
7. Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate) / Joie De Vivre

- A silkscreened box to house the 7"s in shipped with the last release of the subscription.
- A 46"x46" Run For Cover Records Flag:

Subscribers will also receive a 10% off coupon that can be used until the end of December 2013.

How It Works:

- You pay $50 not including shipping, and will receive each 7" as they are released, NOT on a monthly basis like our last subscription.
- All seven releases will be delivered before the end of the year.
- There are only 250 subscriptions available total.
- Multiple releases may ship together if they share the same street date.
- When you subscribe, your first shipment will include all 7"s released up to that point. Every subscriber will receive all seven 7"s.
- The Anti-Flag / Hostage Calm split is currently in hand and ready to ship. This will be the first releases subscribers will receive and they will ship to arrive before March 5th.

Shipping Information:

- Shipping to USA/Canada will cost $17. Unless two releases share the same street date, all seven 7"s will be shipped separately First Class in a 7" mailer.
- Shipping to Europe/UK/Australia/Japan etc. will cost $37. To save on shipping, 7"s will be mailed two at a time, and the last 7" will be shipped with the box and flag. 7"s will be shipped First Class International in a 7" mailer.
- Shipping prices are as close as possible to the exact cost of shipping.
- If you order other non pre-order items with a subscription, those items will ship immediately.

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Anti-Flag / Hostage Calm
1. Hostage Calm - Olly Olly Oxen Free
2. Anti-Flag - Branded Rebellion

Anti-Flag were one of the first punk bands I heard outside of Green Day and The Offspring, in fact I still remember the first time I heard A New Kind of Army 14 years ago. Anti-Flag have released music on every label from the major label RCA to Fat Wreck Chords to their own A-F imprint, and we are ecstatic to add our name to that list. In 2012 Anti-Flag conquered Europe with Hostage Calm among dates with Rancid and the Bouncing Souls, and also released their latest full length "The General Strike". Hostage Calm are coming off their critically acclaimed "Please Remain Calm" released only a few months ago, which was heralded as "a near masterpiece," an "essential album of 2012" and a "9.5 out of 10" by AbsolutePunk. Both bands offer up one new song each on side A, and the B-side features a sweet etching.  

Subscription Vinyl Color: Blood Red

Release Date: February 26 2013

Click here to listen to Anti-Flag | Click here to listen to Hostage Calm

Tigers Jaw / Code Orange Kids / The World Is a Beautiful Place / Self Defense Family
These four bands seemingly have nothing in common musically, but what they do share is the ability to create incredible music devoid of any specific genre tags. Code Orange Kids just released one of the most popular records of the year in the aggressive music scene, and their contribution to this split takes off right where their LP left off. For Self Defense Family, Tigers Jaw, and the World Is... this 4 way split serves as perhaps the last releases in a long series of splits, eps, and 7" singles from all three acts, before their long awaited follow up full lengths are released. This is a split release with Topshelf Records. If you want a color limited to 250 copies and don't want to subscribe to our subscription, Topshelf will also have a color limited to 250 when pre-orders go up.

Release date, cover art and tracklisting TBA.

Click here to listen to Tigers Jaw | Click here to listen to Self Defense Family
Click here to listen to Code Orange Kids | Click here to listen to The World is...

Shook Ones / Death Is Not Glamorous
Unlike nearly every other band compared to Lifetime, Kid Dynamite and None More Black, Shook Ones and DING actually pull of sounding like the best melodic hardcore punk bands of yesteryear , while pushing the genre even further in terms of creativity and approach. Death Is Not Glamorous, from Oslo, Norway, offer up two new ones on their side. DING were RFC's 8th release in 2007 and we're excited to be teaming up with them again for our 6Xth release. Former Revelation Records recording artists, Shook Ones, also offer up two songs of Yemin influenced punk with a northwestern twinge. This will be the second split of the subscription and is a split release with Struggletown Records.

Release date, cover art and tracklisting TBA.

Click here to listen to Shook Ones | Click to listen to Death Is Not Glamorous

Self Defense Family / Meredith Hunter
Fans of Self Defense Family already know what to expect, which is pretty much always the unexpected. Last time it was a 7" single with photocopied breasts as the cover, this time it's a split with themselves. "That's not a split, that's just a regular record" you say? Self Defense Family will offer two new songs on the a-side, and Meredith Hunter will do the same on the b-side. Vocalist Pat Kindlon says on what to expect from Meredith Hunter: "Dual-vocal rock with musical nods to The Byrds and Flamin' Groovies, and lyrics inspires by field recording of bus stops and flop houses."

Release date, cover art and tracklisting TBA.

Click here to listen to Self Defense Family

Miserable (Kristina from Whirr) / Grey Zine
Miserable is a side project from Kristina Esfandiari, lead vocalist of California shoegaze act Whirr. Miserable sees Kristina on both vocal and songwriting duty, with a full band behind her. Any comparisons or adjectives past this point would be mere speculation as the band is currently in the process of recording for the first time. From the demos I have heard, I expect something really great. Grey Zine from Wilkes Barre, PA made their first impression on a lot of people opening for Title Fight at their hometown Floral Green record release show, playing a reverb heavy blend of shoegaze and indie rock. Their song streaming below "Repent" is one of my favorite songs I heard last year.

Release date, cover art and tracklisting TBA.

Click here to listen to Grey Zine

Pity Sex / Adventures
This split makes sense in a lot of ways. Both bands sometimes have female vocals, and sometimes they also have male vocals. Both bands play heavily distorted and hard to describe indie rock, and both bands offer one original and a Pixies cover for this split. Pity Sex from Anne Arbor, MI, are coming off their well received and recently re-released "Dark World" EP on Run For Cover. Adventures from Pittsburgh, PA (made up by a majority of Code Orange Kids members) are following up their insanely well received debut 7" on No Sleep.

Release date, cover art and tracklisting TBA.

Click here to listen to Pity Sex | Click here to listen to Adventures

Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate) / Joie De Vivre
Empire Empire and Joie De Vivre are undoubtedly two of the best emo bands playing music today. Both bands are a part of the awesome Count Your Lucky Stars label, who actually released a 7" featuring both bands last year, in the form of a four way split with other label mates, Annabel and The Reptilian. In 2012 E!E! released a bunch of EPs and splits that are all in the same vein of intensely depressing emo, but are all completely worth checking out. This past year, Joie De Vivre came back from the dead and released one of my favorite records in recent memory, "We're All Better Than This." It's a twinkly, heartbreaking record that perfectly executes adding horns, giving American Football a run for their money. This split will feature 2 songs from both bands.

Release date, cover art and tracklisting TBA.

Click here to listen to Joie De Vivre | Click here to listen to Empire! Empire!