Posted on May 17th, 2019
Spencer Radcliffe & Everyone Else - 'Hot Spring' out now

Spencer Radcliffe & Everyone Else's latest offering "Hot Spring" is available now. Check it out on Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp ($5 sale) or Youtube. Vinyl and cassette copies are also currently shipping from our warehouse and look beautiful.

Noisey were kind enough to write this engaging article on the album, where they speak to Spencer on the themes sounds on the album.

The stunningly pastoral arrangements on Hot Spring transcend the anxiety-laced malaise throughout. The plaintive “Here Comes The Snow” gorgeously ambles to make for one of Radcliffe’s most beautiful songs yet especially when he sings, “Some people do the dance with death just to learn how to live.” Though the pedal steel and the guitars echo the touchstones of Cosmic American Music, the LP is hardly a country album. Single “Bloodletting” belies its pretty composition, full of lush strings and Lyons’ wailing pedal steel as Radcliffe sings, “Missiles dancing in the clouds that waterboarded roofs below / Peace and love were nice while they lasted, but now it’s time to lock and load. - Noisey

Watch the video for "Here Come The Snow" below.

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