Posted on October 21st, 2019
Young Guv's new album, GUV II is streaming now on The Fader, out this Friday

"This is the second half of my double album that has been released in two volumes," Cook told The FADER via email. "After a couple classic flowery bigger rock tracks people may be familiar with from GUV I, I wanted to take this one in some different directions — so it immediately gets a little more funky, sophista-poppy, yachty-, and then back to the classic sounding stuff, and then ending with "Can’t Say Goodbye" which is kinda on some Christopher Cross in the basement type shit.

I wanted this whole double LP to listen as more of a singles compilation which is why I felt comfortable venturing into different styles here and there. I’ve always been a fan of those releases. Sometimes more than people’s actual albums. I thought it would make for a bit more of an interesting listen as opposed to going by some made up rule that albums are supposed to sound “cohesive”. I aimed to toe the line of semi-cohesive and a little bit mixed up and all over the place. Kinda like my life."

Read more and stream the album on The Fader here. GUV II is out this Friday.

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