Posted on April 2nd, 2021
Field Medic releases "plunge deep golden knife" EP

Today Kevin Patrick Sullivan, the highly prolific LA-based songwriter known as Field Medic has released plunge deep golden knife, a new six-song EP available now from Run For Cover Records. The EP is a lo-fi counterpart to Sullivan’s latest album Floral Prince (which earned praise from the likes of Pitchfork, The FADER, NPR, Nylon, Paste Magazine, FLOOD Magazine, American Songwriter, and more) and another example of the unbridled creativity that makes Sullivan such a compelling songwriter.

plunge deep golden knife's raw recordings harken back to the early days of Field Medic, with Sullivan using his trusty four-track or tabletop cassette player to capture moments of inspiration at their most uninhibited. It's a creative drive that can't always be contained to an album format, as Sullivan explains: “I’d been trying to make higher fidelity songs for the album (Floral Prince) but was hitting a wall, so I pulled out the four-track and wrote and recorded a handful of songs in a few days. It was an exercise but I also wanted to get back to making songs for fun, and in that period of the album making process, recording was beginning to feel bleak. I like to be sort of recklessly creative and I think EPs are good for that."

That spontaneity is palpable on plunge deep golden knife where the tape hiss and sparse arrangements compliment Sullivan's warm voice and the diary-like nature of his lyrics. Songs like the title track or the plain-spoken "i get drunk everyday cuz i'm bored & i'm lonely" candidly unpack struggles with alcohol through achingly beautiful melodies and conversational words; while elsewhere "rosacea bluez" and " you want me" highlight the way Sullivan's affinity for unvarnished recordings only amplifies the intimacy and effectiveness of his writing. This slice-of-life feeling brings an uncommon cohesion to Field Medic's extensive catalog, and the songs on plunge deep golden knife serve as another window into Sullivan's world. "I've always been really drawn to artists who are super prolific," he says. "You get these moments or lyrics that are so unexpected. When you release a lot of songs you wind up saying things that you maybe wouldn't have said if you sat on every song for a long time. But the bottom line is I just can't stop making songs."

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