Posted on April 21st, 2021
Welcome Mini Trees to RFC! Check out the LA act's new track "Spring"

Listen to "Spring" on Spotify | Apple | Bandcamp | Youtube

We are extremely elated to announce our newest signing Mini Trees. The solo musical project of the Southern California born and Los Angeles based songwriter Lexi Vega - is pleased to announce she will be releasing her debut later this year on RFC.

To celebrate the news Vega is giving fans a preview of her latest work, releasing the gorgeous and fittingly titled “Spring.”

“'Spring' is meant to be somewhat of a lighthearted love song about growing old with someone,” Mini Trees muses. “It confesses contrasting feelings of both fear and security that come with being vulnerable and fully known by another person. The underlying message is one of hopefulness though, resolving with the choice to believe this person will remain a constant in my life despite the changing nature of everything else."

Stay tuned for more Mini Trees news!

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