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Posted on March 5th, 2021
Glass Beach "alchemist rats begs bashful (remixes)" is out now

To mark the one year anniversary of RFC releasing "the first glass beach album", the band has compiled a wildly eclectic mix of remixes and covers of every track from the album. "alchemist rats beg bashful" is streaming now on Spotify and Bandcamp. Tracklist: 01 Jhariah - jhariah dies and goes to hell 02 fantasy luv - (rat castle) (fantasyluv dreamix) 03 WOW OK - (FOREVER!!!!!!!!!) [WOW OK Remix] 04 backxwash - Blood Rivers Remix 05 jackson from online - Dallas (jackson from online cowboy billionare mix) 06 floral tattoo - neon glow (floral tattoo version) 07 clover & sealife - yoshis island (world 7x7 mix) 08 Skatune Network - Calico (Emo Rocksteady Cover) 09 Shalfi - Planetarium 10 Twinkle Park - glass beach (ornamental ver) 11 Pinkshift - bathroom community 12 Bartees Strange - Bone Skull (Bartees Strange Remix) 13 Skylar Spence - Rat Castle Remix 14 Dre - LOST!!!!!! 15 GWIZ - cold weather (GWIZ ‘180mph on the 405’ Remix) 16 onlytom - blood rivers - onlytom remix 17 Nnamdi - Orchids Reimagined 18 Dogleg - Neon Glow
Posted on February 24th, 2021
Glass Beach to release remix album ft. Bartees Strange, Skylar Spence, NNAMDI and more, out March 5

It's been two years since Glass Beach released the first glass beach album, and to celebrate, they are now releasing alchemist rats beg bashful (remixes), an album of remixes of the first glass beach album.

You can listen to Pinkshift's rendition of "bathroom community", and Clover & Sea Life's remix of 'yoshi's island", and pre-order the digita album here. Out March 5th.

1. “jhariah dies and goes to hell (Jhariah)”
2. “(rat castle) (fantasyluv dreamix)”
3. “(FOREVER!!!!!!!!!) [WOW OK Remix]”
4. “Blood Rivers Remix (backxwash)”
5. “Dallas (jackson from online cowboy billionare mix)”
6. “neon glow (floral tattoo version)”
7. “yoshis island (clover & sealife world 7×7 mix)”
8. “Calico (Skatune Network Emo Rocksteady Cover)”
9. “Planetarium (Shalfi)”
10. “glass beach (Twinkle Park ornamental ver)”
11. “bathroom community (Pinkshift)”
12. “Bone Skull (Bartees Strange Remix)”
13. “Rat Castle (Skylar Spence Remix)”
14. “LOST!!!!!! (Dre Dupre)”
15. “cold weather (GWIZ ‘180mph on the 405’ Remix)”
16. “blood rivers (onlytom remix)”
17. “Orchids Reimagined (Nnamdi)”
18. “Neon Glow (Dogleg)”

Posted on February 10th, 2021
Wicca Phase Springs Eternal announces "Suffer On" Deluxe LP, streaming everywhere now

Stream on Spotify | Pre-order Deluxe Vinyl

Run For Cover & Wicca Phase Springs Eternal have partnered to celebrate the anniversary of this release with a Deluxe Collectors Edition double album of Suffer On. The completely redesigned new version features a companion disc of each song performed acoustically, a new faux-leather gatefold jacket with gold foil embellishments, a panoramic version of the original artwork, updated photo poster and a photo zine with over 40 photos and hand written Suffer On Lyrics from Adam Mcilwee.

Wicca Phase Springs Eternal is the creative persona of Scranton, PA singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Adam McIlwee. Since 2010, he has simultaneously established himself as a singular voice, adeptly combining his natural songwriting instincts with the digital culture enveloping his world. Through an extensive catalog of collaborations, singles, EPs and 2016’s Secret Boy LP, McIlwee has become a celebrated pioneer in this vital new direction of underground music. Along the way, he assembled what would become his 2019 Run For Cover Records debut, Suffer On, with the sonic bedrock evolving yet again as he re-embraces an initial vision.

Suffer On is an exploration of familiar forms through the lens of something new and extraordinary. It is the first Wicca Phase record fully written by McIlwee, utilizing guitars and keyboards to create each song’s core and building upwards from there. Themes of longing, entrapment and sacrifice permeate the album - the notion of wanting more and not getting it. Production and lyrics are both intentionally sparse and bleak, reinforcing such feelings and allowing room for the weighty moods to fill the sonic void.

“It’s about making a deal with the devil,” he says. “It’s saying I can pursue this artistic thing as a career, but the consequence is I’m going to put myself out there in an emotional state for everybody to consume.” But it was never really a choice which path to follow - like all great songwriters, McIlwee is driven by the innate urge to express himself through song. And in the end, Suffer On emanates its own magic stemming from its creator.

Posted on February 9th, 2021
Citizen release "Blue Sunday" video, second single from "Life In Your Glass World" out 3/26

In the new video directed by Mason Mercer, Citizen find themselves jamming at the center of what seems to be an all night cult gathering. The song follows the towering guitars of lead single "I Want To Kill You," and offers a glimpse of Life In Your Glass World's many different moods. Led by a smoldering bass groove and Kerekes' undeniable melodies, the song unfolds into a swirl of atmospheric guitars and hazy synths unlike anything the band has made before.

The bands highly anticipated forthcoming album Life In Your Glass World is out March 26th.
Stream both new singles on Spotify now.