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Posted on May 5th, 2021
Fiddlehead "Down University" streaming now, "Between the Richness" out 5/21


Fiddlehead—the punk powerhouse featuring members of Have Heart, Basement, and more—are releasing their sophomore full-length, Between The Richness, on May 21st from Run For Cover Records. Today the band have shared one more early single, the anthemic "Down University."

Between The Richness finds Fiddlehead expanding on their dynamic blend of hardcore energy and undeniable melody, and crafting their most immediate set of songs to date. Every song on the album bursts with Revolution Summer grit, massive hooks, and vocalist Pat Flynn's deeply thoughtful and open-hearted lyrics, and "Down University" is no different. The song follows earlier singles "Heart To Heart" and "Million Times" (which earned attention from the likes of Stereogum, The FADER, NPR, Consequence of Sound, BrooklynVegan, Paste Magazine, and more) and captures Fiddlehead's knack for crafting sing-along-ready moments without losing an ounce of intensity.

Posted on April 26th, 2021
The Berries - "Throne of Ivory (Singles & B-Sides)" is out today, pre-order the cassette and stream it everywhere now

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The new album from The Berries titled 'Throne of Ivory (Singles & B-sides)' is out today. The record consists of one-off singles recorded and released over the summer of 2020, along with b-sides from previous and unreleased proper full length albums by The Berries. The limited cassette is available now in our webstore.

Matt Berry, the multi-instrumentalist behind The Berries, has previously released two LP’s on Run for Cover: Start All Over Again (2018), a sparkling case of Neil Young worship, and Berryland (2019), an ennui ridden nod to the sounds of Primal Scream and Americana. On Throne of Ivory, however, Berry no longer stands on the shoulders of songwriting giants. Each song bursts with character, layering frigid piano lines and bubbling synths over Berry’s signature guitar heroics. Eyebrow raising experimentalism meets incredible pop sensibility, imbuing the whole record with the captivating energy of a new voice firing on all cylinders.

The first side of Throne of Ivory showcases a set of singles written and recorded during the summer of 2020, while the second features reworked versions of tracks that were originally written for Berryland and his upcoming third LP. While all of the songs on Throne of Ivory were recorded from the comfort of Berry’s home, he smartly avoids the intentionally amateur sentimentalism usually associated with “bedroom pop.” Instead, Berry exploits the advantages of home recording, outfitting his songs with massive synthetic drums and complex vocal harmonies.

Posted on April 21st, 2021
Welcome Mini Trees to RFC! Check out the LA act's new track "Spring"

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We are extremely elated to announce our newest signing Mini Trees. The solo musical project of the Southern California born and Los Angeles based songwriter Lexi Vega - is pleased to announce she will be releasing her debut later this year on RFC.

To celebrate the news Vega is giving fans a preview of her latest work, releasing the gorgeous and fittingly titled “Spring.”

“'Spring' is meant to be somewhat of a lighthearted love song about growing old with someone,” Mini Trees muses. “It confesses contrasting feelings of both fear and security that come with being vulnerable and fully known by another person. The underlying message is one of hopefulness though, resolving with the choice to believe this person will remain a constant in my life despite the changing nature of everything else."

Stay tuned for more Mini Trees news!

Posted on April 2nd, 2021
Field Medic releases "plunge deep golden knife" EP

Today Kevin Patrick Sullivan, the highly prolific LA-based songwriter known as Field Medic has released plunge deep golden knife, a new six-song EP available now from Run For Cover Records. The EP is a lo-fi counterpart to Sullivan’s latest album Floral Prince (which earned praise from the likes of Pitchfork, The FADER, NPR, Nylon, Paste Magazine, FLOOD Magazine, American Songwriter, and more) and another example of the unbridled creativity that makes Sullivan such a compelling songwriter.

plunge deep golden knife's raw recordings harken back to the early days of Field Medic, with Sullivan using his trusty four-track or tabletop cassette player to capture moments of inspiration at their most uninhibited. It's a creative drive that can't always be contained to an album format, as Sullivan explains: “I’d been trying to make higher fidelity songs for the album (Floral Prince) but was hitting a wall, so I pulled out the four-track and wrote and recorded a handful of songs in a few days. It was an exercise but I also wanted to get back to making songs for fun, and in that period of the album making process, recording was beginning to feel bleak. I like to be sort of recklessly creative and I think EPs are good for that."

That spontaneity is palpable on plunge deep golden knife where the tape hiss and sparse arrangements compliment Sullivan's warm voice and the diary-like nature of his lyrics. Songs like the title track or the plain-spoken "i get drunk everyday cuz i'm bored & i'm lonely" candidly unpack struggles with alcohol through achingly beautiful melodies and conversational words; while elsewhere "rosacea bluez" and " you want me" highlight the way Sullivan's affinity for unvarnished recordings only amplifies the intimacy and effectiveness of his writing. This slice-of-life feeling brings an uncommon cohesion to Field Medic's extensive catalog, and the songs on plunge deep golden knife serve as another window into Sullivan's world. "I've always been really drawn to artists who are super prolific," he says. "You get these moments or lyrics that are so unexpected. When you release a lot of songs you wind up saying things that you maybe wouldn't have said if you sat on every song for a long time. But the bottom line is I just can't stop making songs."

Posted on March 26th, 2021
Citizen "Life In Your Glass World" is out today!

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Toledo-based rock powerhouse Citizen have released their fourth full-length Life In Your Glass World. Out today, the album is another giant step forward for a band that have spent over a decade challenging expectations and refusing to be easily defined. Every aspect of recording Life In Your Glass World was done completely on the band's own terms, with vocalist Mat Kerekes built a studio in his garage where Citizen tracked the entire album themselves. From the aggressive-yet-danceable opening jolt of "Death Dance Approximately" to the sweeping conclusion of "Edge of The World," this is a set of lean, raw songs that represent the most unfiltered version of the band's daring vision to date.

"Citizen have spent the last few years evolving and redefining themselves... Life In Your Glass World, feels like a culmination point for this evolution." - Uproxx

" undeniable banger." - Entertainment Weekly

"'s some of their best music yet." - BrooklynVegan