Great Sale Day 'Wild and Chunky'

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Great Sale Day are a new band who play a nostalgic blend of alt rock, for fans of Pinkerton-era Weezer, Nada Surf and Ozma.

Largely considered a side project by it's four members, Great Sale Day was formed as way for Andrew, Ed, Daniel and Ben to step away from their other bands and take things a little less seriously. Also to meet up and eat food. Can't forget the food.

1. Do Not Want To
2. Calm Down, Slow Down
3. Up In The Clouds
4. Best Friends
5. True (Why Can't You Be?)
6. Wake Up
7. Act 1: Scene 2 - Romance Is Dead
8. Your Medicine
9. Shout Out To The Girl In The Red Dress, I Feel You, Shout Out The Guy In The Armani Jacket, I See What You're Doing There
10. Great Sale Day
11. Watch and Repeat