Tigers Jaw / Tiny Empires 'Split'

Product Information //

The 7” features three brand new Tigers Jaw songs as well as Tiny Empires’ first song ever recorded. The Tigers Jaw side starts with a hazy lament, layered with ambient warmth and driven by Adam McIllwee’s vocal drawl. Shuffling beats and organ layers fill the space around his tuneful sorrow, swelling in concert with the emotive wordplay . Their second track strikes an immediate contrast with its rumbling floor tom intro followed by Ben Walsh and Brianna Collins’ direct and desperate chorus harmonies delivered over rollicking punk beats. Both songs serve to diversify the bands catalog while still remaining quintessentially Tigers Jaw.

Tiny Empires’ first recorded output is a sprawling three-part, eight-minute punk epic, introducing listeners to the band with the gritty confrontation: “Where are you going? We’re not finished with you yet.” Espousing a Fucked Up-esque hypnotic quality, the band drives forward with raging punk verses and choruses, yet strikes a greater dynamic contrast with soft, twinkling breaks. Both bands’ contributions are vastly different yet share common threads, making for a diverse yet cohesive listen across these three tracks.

Pressing Information:

300 Half Blue/Half White
400 Blue
800 White