Tigers Jaw / Code Orange Kids / The World Is a Beautiful Place / Self Defense Family '4-Way Split'

Product Information //

These four bands seemingly have nothing in common musically, but what they do share is the ability to create incredible music devoid of any specific genre tags. Code Orange Kids just released one of the most popular records of the year in the aggressive music scene, and their contribution to this split picks up right where their LP left off. For Self Defense Family, Tigers Jaw, and the World Is... this 4 way split serves as perhaps the last releases in a long series of splits, eps, and 7" singles from all three acts, before their long awaited follow up full lengths are released. This is a split release with Topshelf Records.

Pressing Information:

250 Tan (Run For Cover Exclusive)
250 Light Pink (Topshelf Exclusive)
500 Clear
1500 Clear Gold With Red Smoke
2000 Rose