Pity Sex / Adventures 'Split'

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Pity Sex and Adventures have teamed up to make their long-anticipated split EP one of the year’s most interesting releases. Adventures leads off the a-side with “Flowing Through,” a slow-burning emo anthem highlighted by the honest, cathartic refrain: “I’ve been pretending to have a grasp on solid ground”. Pity Sex’s “Acid Reflex” is another fuzzy indie pop gem in the band’s small but impressive catalog. The call and response verses sung by guitarists Brennan Greaves and Britty Drake make the track an easy sing-along, but lyrics like “I need drugs, I need God, I need comfort,” show that the Michigan quartet is still dealing with plenty of demons. Each band also offers a cover on the split: Adventures takes on the hardcore classic “Behind This Wall” by Turning Point with all the aggression of the original, and Pity Sex offers their fantastic rendition of the Pixies’ classic, “Gigantic”.

  1. Flowing Through
  2. Behind This Wall
  3. Acid Reflex
  4. Gigantic
Pressing Information:

First Press:
250 Bone w/ Blue Haze (RFC Subscription exclusive)
500 Red A-side/Blue B-side
750 Clear with Red/Blue/Yellow Splatter
1000 Red with Blue color in color

Second Press:
1000 Half Black/Half White with Orange and Yellow Splatter
1000 Orange w/White A-Side/B-Side