Badly Drawn Boy 'It's What I'm Thinking (Part One Photographing Snowflakes)'

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Badly Drawn Boy's new album is part of a trilogy called It's What I'm Thinking and the subheading of the first album is Photographing Snowflakes. "I was having a drink one night with some friends and someone said 'What do you think is the hardest job ever?"' explains Gough, "and to me it's got to be photographing snowflakes. lt's impossible. People do it but l've no idea how they do it." lt's also an analogy for what Gough wants to achieve with this trilogy, grabbing those moments or songs that come from nowhere and capturing the moment. Photographing snowflakes.

1. In Safe Hands
2. The Order of Things
3. Too Many Miracles
4. What Tomorrow Brings
5. I Saw You Walk Away
6. lt's What I'm Thinking
7. You Lied
8. A Pure Accident
9. This Electric
10. This Beautiful Idea