Culo 'My Life Sucks and I Could Care Less'

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The first proper LP from Chicago, IL's Culo after plenty of EPs is a non-stop rager of blazing hardcore punk whose faster, harder moments are reminiscent of Out Cold and Poison Idea while they have tossed in more melodic jams. LP includes digital download.

1. Gestapo Boots Of A Mutant (A Group Sound)
2. Societies Claws
3. On The Nod
4. I Was Suppoed To Be An Abortion
5. On The Streets
6. Down In Equador
7. Adult Life Is No Fun
8. Human Policy
9. Don't Care Pt. III
10. My Attitude
11. Sick Sick Sick
12. D.O.A. In My Head
13. Dominant Farce
14. A.O.A.
15. Modern Depressions
16. Cyanide Slug
17. Its My Life Sentance
18. Your Art Is Getting All Over Me
19. Radiation Mutation
20. My Life Sucks (And I Could Care Less)