Dum Dum Girls 'Too True'

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Dum Dum Girls are back with their third full-length album for Sub Pop Records. Frontwoman Dee Dee's voice bears a resemblance to the likes of PJ Harvey and Siouxsie, while the music weaves nostalgic, '80s new-wave with modern indie to create a beautiful sound pleasing to the ear of any Smiths worshiper. With favorable reviews all across the board, this is sure to be one of Sub Pop's best releases of 2014. LP includes full album download code.

1. Cult Of Love
2. Evil Blooms
3. Rimbaud Eyes'
4. Are You Okay?
5. Too True To Be Good
6. In The Wake Of You
7. Lost Boys And Girls Club
8. Little Minx
9. Under These Hands
10. Trouble Is My Name