Faint 'Blank Wave Arcade'

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Imagine the Blank-wave Arcade--the color of night-time neon. Its' interior, an unlikely one night stand of high-tech and punk rock ethics. Lonely and desolate, its' supercollision pop rushes at you like images from a Berlin Blade Runner or Mad Max. Their music, stark and uncompromising, is filled with electronic surges, darkwave brushstrokes, confessionals and come-ons. The Faint combine rock instruments (guitar, bass) with "now" electronic elements (synths, drum machines) to create melodic, melancholic post-modern music-- but not without hope. Their music is haunting, yet danceable--an aesthete's memory of tainted pop music.

1. Sex Is Personal
2. Call Call
3. Worked Up So Sexual
4. Cars Pass in Cold Blood
5. Casual Sex
6. Victim Convenience
7. Sealed Human
8. In Concert
9. The Passives