Louis C.K 'Oh My God'

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His fifth one-hour HBO special, Oh My God will now be available for the first time on CD and Double Disc Vinyl. Includes 12 minutes of bonus content not included on the current digital audio version. A Three Time Emmy-winner and longtime HBO favorite takes the stage for his fourth stand-up comedy special. In Oh My God, he discusses such topics as the food chain, animals, divorce, strange anecdotes, broken mortality, murder and mortality. Oh My God also won an Emmy last year for outstanding writing for a variety special.

1. Intro
2. The Old Lady And The Dog
3. My Daughter Likes Fish
4. The Food Chain
5. Courtyard Confrontation
6. Getting What 'Old' Is
7. Putting On Socks
8. If You're Older You're Smarter
9. Getting Older Makes My Life Better
10. Everybody Had Their Time
11. Dating Takes Courage
12. First Date
13. Tits
14. Divorce
15. Videoing Your Kids
16. Life Is A Good Deal
17. Behind The Wheel
18. If Murder Was Legal
19. Of Course, But Maybe
20. Outro