Various Artists 'Studio 4 Off The Board Compilation'

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Producer Will Yip has released his Off The Board: A Studio 4 Family Compilation. The comp features exclusive (new) and previously unreleased songs from bands like Title Fight, Circa Survive, Balance and Composure, Man Overboard, Citizen, Turnover, Daylight, Koji, Tigers Jaw, Polar Bear Club, Dead End Path, Sainthood Reps, Mongoloids, None More Black, Light Years, Pity Sex, and Anthony Green.

1. Title Fight - “Another One”
2. Daylight - “Siblings”
3. Circa Survive - “Nobody Can Change”
4. Polar Bear Club - “New Hollywood”
5. Citizen - “Cicuta”
6. Light Years - “I Couldn’t Change”
7. Sainthood Reps - “Gloom”
8. Koji - “Breaking and Broken”
9. None More Black - “That Thing That Separates Em”
10. Tigers Jaw - “Carry You Over”
11. Turnover - “Flicker and Fade” (FULL BAND)
12. Pity Sex - “Euclid”
13. Man Overboard - “I Hate Her”
14. Anthony Green - “The More You Get, The Less You Are”
15. Balance and Composure - “Why Do You Leave Us?”