Adventures / Run Forever 'Split'

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Adventures is made up of members Jami, Reba, Joe, Kimi and Dominic fuse their punk and hardcore roots with indie-punk riffs and raw dueling vocals for an intense, emotionally charged sound. The split will be the band’s third official release, and follow-up to their critically acclaimed 2013 EP, Clear My Head With You.

Run Forever is an alternative rock band from Braddock, PA, a suburb of Pittsburgh that’s faced hardship over the last several years and is in a state of rebuilding. In its ascension, the small town has fostered a wealth of talented musicians and bands and RUN FOREVER is one of those acts that has thrived and built a name for themselves around the region with incredibly catchy music and passionate live performances.

1. Adventures - Call Me At Night
2. Adventures - Thin
3. Run Forever - Headlights
4. Run Forever - Lost The Feeling