Wreck & Reference 'No Youth'

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No Youth, the debut album from California heavy experimental duo Wreck and Reference. Originally released in 2012, No Youth quickly went out of print and has become a sought-after collector's item. Formed by drummer Ignat Frege and multi-instrumentalist Felix Danbold, Wreck and Reference augments the typical heavy-guitar-driven doom tradition with frenzied electronic samples. Usually filed under Metal, the duo defies genre classifications, presenting an existential threat to the tired and trite conformity found within the metal hegemony. Their melancholic, fierce and catchy sound is crafted with synths in place of guitar, along with live drums and vocals. Drawing on influences ranging from industrial to doom metal and noise rock, No Youth is a unique mix of seemingly contradictory elements that results in a devastatingly heavy, somber and addictive whole.


1. Spectrum
2. Nauseaadd
3. The Solstitialadd
4. Inverted Souladd
5. Cannotadd
6. I Am a Sieveadd
7. Obedienceadd
8. Winteradd
9. Stage Collapseadd
10. Edifice of Siltadd