Mobb Deep 'The Infamous'

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With one album--no, one song ("Shook Ones, Pt. 2")--Mobb Deep went from gimmick kiddie rap duo to hip-hop's dark horsemen of the apocalypse. Gritty and nihilistic, Prodigy and Havoc ushered in a post-gangsta era of reality rap that privileged vivid street narratives over mere drive-by posturing. As well, production by themselves and guests like Q-Tip (who did the jazzy "Drink Away the Pain") kept the soundscape moving beyond just the dissonant drone of "Shook Ones." "The Infamous" captured Mobb Deep at the beginning of their rebirth, before their formula became redundant.

1. The Start of Your Ending (41st Side)
2. The Infamous Prelude
3. Survival of the Fittest
4. Eye for a Eye (Your Beef Is Mines)
5. Just Step Prelude
6. Give Up the Goods (Just Step)
7. Temperature's Rising
8. Up North Trip
9. Trife Life
10. Q.U. -- Hectic
11. Right Back at You
12. The Grave Prelude
13. Cradle to the Grave
14. Drink Away the Pain (Situations)
15. Shook Ones, Pt. 2
16. Party Over