Alkaline Trio 'Alkaline Trio'

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This collection includes both the band's out of print EPs and 7"s in their entirety, along with collecting the band's various one-off compilation appearances. What separates this record from most compilations of its kind is both consistency and excellent sequencing. This is the band's best batch of songs since Goddamnit!, and although taken from disparate sources, the record has the feel of a long-player. The album's lyrical content explores a variety of topics -- well, at least topics that deal with drinking and girls. These beer-drenched tales of love (and more importantly, loss) are told with foul-mouthed eloquence not seen this side of Blake Schwarzenbach. This includes everything from the slacker alienation of "Cooking Wine," to the straight-on guilt of "I Lied My Face Off." A must for any Trio fan. ~ Ari Wiznitzer, All Music Guide

1. Goodbye Forever
2. This Is Getting over You
3. Bleeder
4. I Lied My Face Off
5. My Friend Peter
6. Snake Oil Tanker
7. Southern Rock
8. Cooking Wine
9. For Your Lungs Only
10. Exploding Boy
11. Sun Dials
12. Nose Over Tail
13. '97