Chelsea Wolfe 'Abyss'

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"Abyss" is a record about Chelsea Wolfe's lifelong affliction with sleep paralysis, strange dreams and the intersection of the conscious and unconscious that comes along with them. To conjure this in-between world, Wolfe continued her ongoing collaboration with multi-instrumentalist and co-writer Ben Chisolm and drummer Dylan Fujioka, with Mike Sullivan of Russian Circles brought in to contribute guitar. The resulting 11 tracks reflect a philosophy that smolder with human frailty, intimacy, quiet passion, anxiety and deep longing. 2xLP includes digital download.

1. Carrion Flowers
2. Iron Moon
3. Dragged Out
4. Maw
5. Grey Days
6. After The Fall
7. Crazy Love
8. Simple Death
9. Survive
10. Color Of Blood
11. The Abyss