Freedom 'USA Hardcore Cassette'

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FREEDOM have made a name for themselves in the Hardcore scene in just a short amount of time. Within the last year, they have made appearances at This Is Hardcore Fest, United Blood Fest, Rain Fest, Black & Blue Bowl, America’s Hardcore Fest, Berserktown II, Not Dead Yet Fest, and FYA Fest. Their debut 7”, “Pay the Price”, sold out of 1000 copies in the first pressing in less than 2 months. Predating the LP, the Anti-Poison Cassette tape sold 1000 copies in 3 months make this LP a much desired LP for hardcore fans and critics alike.

1. On the Front Line
2. Pride & Loyalty
3. Military Issue
4. Anti-Poison
5. My Stance
6. Age of Unrest
7. Slam II
8. Song and Dance
9. The End
10. Debt Not Repaid
11. In the Night