Westpoint 'Westpoint'

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Entombed within the chrome coffin of Kingston Pennsylvania - aggravated youth suffering from the stigmas of sex, boredom, death and creativity - WESTPOINT was procreated. Birthed through a cavity in the fangs of suburban America in 2014, they have since grown into a garden of strange orange light and a saccharine slice of early adulthood. Bloomed into a beautiful flower, “Dive” was released in 2015 and with it a dissection and reanimation of the purple glow of progression. Sonically suffocating and devastatingly whimsical, the orphan choir marched forward to a somber, slumbering cadence. 2016 sees WESTPOINT in a new light. Crushing softness, the harsh luster of growing and the adolescent haunting us all. Tangerine scream. With their new self-titled LP, to be released on BBB Records this fall, WESTPOINT have been vom-ited out of the bottom of the belly of a good vibe. Subtle like a ghost and savory. Cemetery-esque - dark, sullen, with glimmering shimmers of passing positivity and hope. This is a band morphing from naive children to real life adults - it’s absolutely beautiful in a dreary, dreamy, surreal way.

1. Avoid the Oxygen
2. Blur My Vision
3. Feel October
4. In My Way
5. Jamais Vu
6. Anesthesia
7. Idle Hands
8. Lunar Incantations
9. Tangerine
10. Mars