Earth 'Earth 2 Special Low-Frequency Version'

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Earth’s career, like its music, has always been a slow, deliberate progression. Each record slightly removed from the last, a constant refinement of a singular vision. Founder Dylan Carlson has remained focused throughout on coaxing moments of strange beauty and reflection from “the riff.” Formed in Olympia, WA circa 1989, the band has experienced an ever evolving line up over the years which has included the likes of Slim Moon (Kill Rock Stars founder), Joe Preston (Melvins) and many others along the way.

After moving to Seattle and signing to Sub Pop in 1990 Carlson and Co. would release three genre defining full lengths for the label - Earth 2 (1993), Phase 3 (1995) and Pentastar (1996) - before going on a near decade hiatus. Featuring three monster instrumentals which Carlson referred to as "ambient metal," influential debut masterpiece Earth 2: Special Low-Frequency Version is considered by many to be the definitive statement of the early-90s drone movement and the blueprint for subsequent acts like Sunn 0))).

1. Seven Angels
2. Teeth of Lions Rule the Divine Part 1
3. Teeth of Lions Rule the Divine Part 2
4. Like Gold and Faceted Part 1
5. Like Gold and Faceted Part 2