Yowler 'The Offer LP'

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Jones’ first release under the moniker Yowler, a 2015 Double Double Whammy-released cassette The Offer, is a wintery cold reflection on unwanted change, sadness, and the facing down of the realities of loneliness and mental unrest. The songs are somehow quiet even when the instrumentation builds, and clear, even when there is a hazy quality to the recordings. This is likely due to Jones’ voice, which is at once soft and penetrating, warm and distant, and which floats assuredly among the woven arrangement of guitars, synths and harmonies surrounding it.

1. Water
2. Bedroom Wall
3. Yowler
4. Holidays
5. 7 Towers
6. Belle
7. In The Bathroom
8. The Offer
9. Tornado Warning
10 .Go