Lomelda 'Thx '

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Hannah Read has written and performed as Lomelda for most of her musical life. The project has been her outlet from the slow, shaggy days in her east Texas hometown of Silsbee, through moves to Waco and Austin, and into her wandering present. Her music is textural and spacious. Her words are suggestive snapshots of loosely knitted observations, depicting quiet moments between friends and lovers and half-remembered celestial occurrences. In her songs, the memory of the past and glimpses of future stretch out on either side of you, and the present is unsteady and always shifting.

1. Interstate Vision
2. Bam Sha Klam
3. From Here
4. Thx
5. Out There
6. Far Out
7. Nvr
8. Nervous Driver
9. Mostly M.E.
10. Only World