Widowspeak 'Expect The Best (LP)'

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Seven years in, Widowspeak remain purveyors of mood. They're an outfit ever preoccupied with the influence of place and the passage of time on personal experience: the way vivid memories can feel like movies or dreams. Existing In a sonic overlap of somber indie rock, dream pop, downtrodden shoegaze,slow-core and invented "cowboy grunge," Widowspeak use familiar aesthetics as a narrative device, a purposeful nostalgic backdrop for songs that ask,"How Did we get here?" Expect the Best, their fourth for Brooklyn's Captured Tracks,sees Widowspeak finding balance between opposing forces: darkness and light, quiet and loud, tension and calm.

1. The Dream
2. When I Tried
3. Dog
4. Warmer
5. Good Sport
6. Let Me
7. Right On
8. Expect the Best
9. Fly on the Wall