Wicca Phase Springs Eternal 'Suffer On'

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Product Information //

The second press of Suffer On is currently in production. We estimate these will start shipping around 8/28/20.

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Suffer On Photobook features over 40 pages of photos and lyrics, encased in a 8 x 10" hard cover.

Please Note: The RFC Monthly Staff Pick does NOT include a copy of this album on it's own - it is a $5 LP from the Run For Cover Catalog picked monthly by our staff. Purchasing this option on it's own does NOT add the main title on this page to your cart, you need to add it separately.

  1. Together
  2. Rest
  3. I Need Help
  4. Just One Thing
  5. Contact
  6. Crushed
  7. I Wake Up In Pain
  8. Does Your Head Stop
  9. Put Me In Graves
  10. Suffer On
Pressing Information:

First Press
300 Black & Gold Pinwheel
700 Half Purple / Half Clear
1000 Clear with Yellow/Green/Black Splatter

Second Press
500 Clear